2 years in Intercom – Party Parrots, Monster Cake, HER+Data, InspireFest – It’s all there!

2nd interversary intercomic

Jan 25th marked my 2nd Interversary a.k.a. 2 years in Intercom! That means a 2nd Intercomic and what an amazing Intercomic it is. Yes that’s a nod to my (over) use of party parrots in slack – if there is such a thing as overusing party parrots. Rose’s monster birthday cake for her 2nd birthday made in it, as did my InspireFest talk. Those are keys to our new house in my hand and in the background there’s a lovely reference to HER+Data. I love it! I’ve experienced & learned so, so much over the past 2 years but the real highlight is the smart, talented & humble people I get to work with daily. People who really know me – maybe a little too well 😉