professional activities

Invited Talks and Panels

The Human Side of Data @ InspireFest, July 2017 [video]
Great Analytics Starts with Great Foundations @ Predict 2017, October 2016 [video]
Mobile search: a force to be reckoned with! @ ECIR 2013 Industry Day, March 2013 [ slides ]
A Large Scale Study of Mobile Information Needs @ St. Andrews University, April 2012
A Large Scale Study of Mobile Information Needs @ University of Glasgow, April 2012
A Large Scale Study of Mobile Information Needs @ EPFL, March 2012

Research in Data Science: Public vs Privately Funded @ DataSummit 2017, June 2017
The Future of Mobile Interaction, Computing and Life @ MobileHCI 2016, September 2016
Building Relationships between Industry and Academia @ MobileHCI 2012, September 2012

Steering Committees

ACM Mobile HCI Conference

Conference Committees

Paper Co-Chair @ MobileHCI 2016, Florence, Italy
Industry Track Co-Chair @ RecSys 2016, Boston, USA.
Interactive Tutorial Chair @ MobileHCI 2014, Toronto, Canada.
Publicity Chair @ RecSys 2012, Dublin, Ireland.
Registration Chair @ RecSys 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

PC Memberships

MobileHCI 2014-2016
IUI 2014-2015
CIKM 2014
ICWSM 2013 (workshops), 2014
WWW 2009,2013-2014
CHI WiP 2012-2013
UbiComp 2012
MobiWIS 2012
IJCAI 2011
MobileHCI 2010 Design Competition (judge)

LocWeb2014 @ CIKM 2014
Inconspicuous Interaction @ CHI 2014
HIAI 2013
PhoneCom 20112-2013
WCMCW 2012
CaaR 2012
Research in the Large 2010-2012
VISSW 2010-2011

Reviewing Duties

ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST)
IEEE Computer
IEEE Intelligent Systems
IEEE Services + Apps
JASIST –┬áJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

CSCW 2015
MobileHCI 2012-2015
UbiComp 2010, 2012, 2015
CHI 2010-2014
IUI 2008-2015
WWW 2008-2014
CIKM 2014
ICWSM 2014
UIST 2011
UMAP 2010
Pervasive 2008
IJCAI 2009

Inconspicuous Interaction @ CHI 2014
PhoneCom 2012
CaaR 2012
VISSW 2010-2011
Research in the Large 2010-2012

Workshop Organization

Workshop on Smarttention, Please! Intelligent Attention Management on Mobile Devices @ Mobile HCI 2015 with Benjamin Poppinga, Nuria Oliver, Martin Pielot, Niels Henze and Alireza Sahami

Workshop on searching for fun 2014 @ IIiX ’14 with Morgan Harvey and Max Wilson

Mobility and Web Behavior Workshop @ MobileHCI 2012 with Jaime Teevan and Matt Jones

Personalizing the Local Mobile Experience @ RecSys 2012 with Henriette Cramer, Daniele Quercia and Neal Lathia

From 2009-2011, I co-organized a workshop called the Social Mobile Web. Full details are available via this website:

Presented Tutorials

Designing and deploying mobile user studies in-the-wild: a practical guide @ ELISAVA, Postgrad diploma on Coolhunting, Jan 2013

Designing and deploying mobile user studies in-the-wild: a practical guide @ MobileHCI 2012 [ slides ]

Interns Mentored

JP Carrascal, PhD Student from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona – project focused on understanding mobile search and mobile app usage [Summer 2014]

Sofia Reis, PhD Student from Universidade Nova de Lisboa – project focused on social mobile search applications and searching for fun/casual searching in mobile environments [Spring 2012]

Antony Cousin, PhD Student from University of Nottingham – project focused on understanding social mobile search patterns [Autumn/Winter 2011]

Eve Hoggan, PhD Student from University of Glasgow – project focused on mood sharing in social mobile groups. Eve is currently a researcher post-doctoral researcher at HIIT/University of Helsinki. [Summer 2009]


During my PhD in UCD (2003-2008), I worked as a teaching assistant, helping with the practical side of courses / tutorials with lots of focus on coding. Specifically:

– 1st year java programming (1 semester)
– 2nd year data structures & algorithms (1 semester)
– 3rd year software engineering projects (3 semesters)
– MSc. Context sensitive service delivery (1 semester)
– MSc. Adaptive personalization (3 semesters)