Call for Interactive Tutorials @ MobileHCI 2014

Together with Andrés Lucero from Nokia Research, I am co-chairing the MobileHCI 2014 tutorials track. MobileHCI 2014 will take place in Toronto, Canada. MobileHCI 2014 continues to build on the tradition of previous conferences with a high quality tutorial program but this year we’ve introduced a slight twist! For the 2014 edition of MobileHCI we want to focus on interactive, engaging tutorials where the scope of the tutorial goes beyond just theory so that attendees also have the opportunity to put what they learn into practice. Therefore we’ve introduced a compulsory hands-on / interactive component! The ideas is that every tutorial will include a participatory component in which the tutorial participants actively engage in practical exercises; interactive group-work; or hands-on work where the outcome is a working prototype. This way attendees will have the opportunity to put what they learn into practice!

For full details / the call for interactive tutorials see: