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2 years in Intercom – Party Parrots, Monster Cake, HER+Data, InspireFest – It’s all there!

2nd interversary intercomic

Jan 25th marked my 2nd Interversary a.k.a. 2 years in Intercom! That means a 2nd Intercomic and what an amazing Intercomic it is. Yes that’s a nod to my (over) use of party parrots in slack – if there is such a thing as overusing party parrots. Rose’s monster birthday cake for her 2nd birthday made in it, as did my InspireFest talk. Those are keys to our new house in my hand and in the background there’s a lovely reference to HER+Data. I love it! I’ve experienced & learned so, so much over the past 2 years but the real highlight is the smart, talented & humble people I get to work with daily. People who really know me – maybe a little too well ūüėČ


1st Interversary in Intercom

IMG_4298Wow! Today marks my 1 year anniversary in Intercom ūüôā And what a year it’s been. I’ve moved jobs and countries, been challenged frequently and I have learned a huge amount. Bring on the next year!

Intercom has this wonderful tradition of creating an amazing personalized illustration of you for each Interversary. They collect interesting facts about you from your team and colleagues, and then a wonderful designer, Sebastian creates something like this!! Beautiful!!

Intercom’s 1st Data Report! Emoji Trends in Business Messages


Today I published¬†Intercom’s¬†first ever data report¬†with my colleague Sara Yin where we¬†explored emoji trends in business messaging. We analyzed more than two million anonymized¬†conversations that took place between our customers (i.e. businesses) and their end users (i.e. consumers) during a 3-month period, from June to August in 2015 and 2016.¬†Below is a just a couple of the interesting things we found.¬†You can read¬†the full report here and a fun blog post here.

#1 Emojis improve message engagement

We discovered that messages started by a business that contained an emoji were four times more likely to elicit a response from a consumer than those that didn’t!!

#2 The Top 20 Emoji

The top 20 emoji found in messages in 2016 were quite similar to ones you might use in your personal life. Category-wise, over a half (51%) of the top 20 emoji fall under a facial category, followed by object-based emoji (18%). As you might expect in a business setting, money-related emoji also featured (11%).


When we compare the top 20 emoji used by businesses vs. consumers we find some real differences! Consumers used facial emoji 30% more than businesses did (83% vs. 51%); businesses stuck to objects (18%) and money symbols (11%), neither of which show up in the consumer list.


Predict Conference – Great Analytics Starts with Great Foundations

Predict is an analytics conference that took place in Dublin’s RDS in October 2016. Its mission was to:

mobilise an international community to solve important human challenges through the power of data and predictive analytics.

The theme of this year’s event was the Journey from Data to Predictive Analytics.

It was my first time to attend and present at the conference and I wasn’t disappointed!¬†I gave a talk on what it means to deliver great analytics and shared the 4 key areas that my team and I in Intercom have been focusing on to build a strong analytics team. Specifically:

  1. Foster an open feedback culture
  2. Develop close partnerships
  3. Use a common language
  4. Educate

Lightening Talks from Intercom’s 1st Analytics Meetup

In April 2016 we held our first analytics meetup in Intercom, San Francisco and had a fantastic lineup of speakers from Twitch, Wish, Keen IO, Google and Bayes Impact, along with panelists from Social Capital, Mode, Zenefits, ClearSlide and Luminant Data!

We recorded all lightening talks from the evening¬†and recently published¬†those recording online. If you’re interested in anything related to analytics I bet there’s something in this list for you! Happy watching!

Our 1st Analytics Meetup in Intercom!

Excited to announce that we’re organizing our first analytics meetup in Intercom, SF on Wednesday 13th April 2016. We have a fantastic line up of leading experts in analytics, data science and quantitative research to speak about ways in which they, alongside their teams, have built, grown, and pivoted a data culture in their companies to drive product impact. These include:

I’ll be MC’ing a panel on Building a world-class analytics team and setting them up for success. The list of panelists include:

If you’re in San Francisco next week that please join us. Tickets are $5 dollar donation and all proceeds go to Bayes Impact, a non-profit that does data science for good ūüôā