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New Focus, New Role – Leading Native & Mobile Ad Analytics Group

As of this quarter in Yahoo Labs, I’m leading a small team of Research Scientists in a new group focused on Native & Mobile Ad Analytics. Native Advertising has become a hot topic in the Web and advertising spaces in recent years. Given it involves creating and placing engaging, relevant content that matches the underlying intent and context of the end-user, there are lots and lots of open research questions in this space. In particular when we think about native advertising in the mobile world!

The ultimate goal of this new group is to conduct research that will enrich our understanding of native and mobile ad experiences and will improve these experiences. We’ll be focusing on large-scale mobile user behavior modeling; understanding and mining mobile-specific signals like mobile device and app use to help enhance mobile ad engagement and conversion; as well as methods and novel studies exploring offline conversion in mobile, i.e. if I show a person an engaging, relevant ad on their device, do they ever act upon that ad in the physical world, e.g. visiting a store, eating at a restaurant, etc. To this end we’ll be analyzing very, very large datasets across a range of Yahoo properties as well as conducting large-scale in-the-wild mobile experiments / studies. Some of the open research questions / challenges in this domain include: Read More

What’s up with Whatsapp? Best Paper Nominee @ MobileHCI 2013

Our paper entitled What’s up with whatsapp?: comparing mobile instant messaging behaviors with traditional SMS was nominated for a best paper award at this years MobileHCI conference in Munich 🙂 And we are delighted to have been nominated.

The paper describes an interview and survey study that explores how a popular mobile instant messaging app called WhatsApp has been adopted and appropriated, focusing on key motivators of use compared to more traditional SMS. The work was done in collaboration with my past colleague at Telefonica ResearchRodrigo de Oliveria. The full paper can be found here and below is the presentation we gave at the MobileHCI 2013 conference. As always feedback or questions are very welcome.