My first PhD defense on the other side & it was an all female committee! Congrats JP!

I was delighted and honored to serve on the PhD committee for the JP Carrascal’s PhD defense! It took place in UPF, Barcelona on the 26th January 2015. JP passed with flying colors. He gave a great, highly motivated and compelling presentation. And his PhD thesis was a pleasure to read.  

As part of his PhD, JP conducted a range of studies to understand more about the various aspects of personal information valuation in web browsing and mobile communication. Some of the research studies he conducted as part of his PhD were super impressive. You can download/view his PhD thesis here.

All in all the defense was great. And JP’s committee was made up of all female members! Not bad for a computer science PhD 🙂 I served alongside Nuria Oliver, Scientific Director at Telefonica Research and Davinia Hernández-Leo, an Associate Professor in the Information and Communications Technologies Department of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). JP was co-supervised by Rodrigo de Oliveira, User Experience Researcher in Google and Josep Blat, a Professor in UPF.

A great experience. And I got to visit my old-hometown of Barcelona and catch up with some old friends so a really lovely trip and great start to 2015 🙂