Invited Tutorial @ MobileHCI 2012!!!

I’ve been invited to give an industry tutorial as part of MobileHCI 2012 in San Francisco in September. Great news!! I decided to focus the tutorial on practical guides to conducting mobile user studies based on experiences gathered over the past 4 years at Telefonica Research. The tutorial is entitled: “Designing and Deploying Mobile User Studies In-The-Wild: A Practical Guide“.

The abstract as posted on the MobileHCI website is below. So if you’re a student, research or user experience specialist with an interest in the mobile space and would like to learn how to design and conduct mobile user studies in-the-wild then this tutorial is for you!! It will be highly interactive, with lots of demos, etc. And there will also be a group-based exercise so that attendees get the chance to put some of this theory into practice!

Abstract: The aim of this first invited industrial tutorial is to provide practical instructions and guidelines to designing and deploying mobile field studies, based on the learning outcomes Karen and her colleagues at Telefónica Research in Barcelona, Spain have gathered over the past few years. In this tutorial we will provide an overview about recent research in this domain from an industrial research perspective. We will discuss how to design effective mobile field studies, the importance of mobile prototyping, the impact of various design choices on the study setup and deployment, how to engage participants and how to avoid ethical and legal issues. The tutorial will include practical examples, hand-on design exercises, case studies from a range of mobile field studies as well as a set guidelines on “what not to do” when trying to gather insights from mobile users in-the-wild.