CHI 2015 Work-in-progress (WIP) Accepted – Location Requirements in Local Search

We have just had a CHI WIP accepted for presented in Seoul, Korea in April 2015! WooHoo 🙂 This work-in-progress paper was conducted with Henriette Cramer in which we conducted a large-scale survey via Mechanical Turk to shed light on what factors of location are important when choosing a target place of interest in a local search scenario, namely restaurant search.

The survey was deployed in December 2013 and collected a range of demographic information as well as details regarding participants’ current and most recent locations. The core of the survey was a local restaurant search scenario in which participants were asked to provide freeform textual responses to the following question: Read More

My first PhD defense on the other side & it was an all female committee! Congrats JP!

I was delighted and honored to serve on the PhD committee for the JP Carrascal’s PhD defense! It took place in UPF, Barcelona on the 26th January 2015. JP passed with flying colors. He gave a great, highly motivated and compelling presentation. And his PhD thesis was a pleasure to read.  

As part of his PhD, JP conducted a range of studies to understand more about the various aspects of personal information valuation in web browsing and mobile communication. Some of the research studies he conducted as part of his PhD were super impressive. You can download/view his PhD thesis here.

All in all the defense was great. Read More

CHI 2015 Paper Accepted! An In-Situ Study on Mobile App & Mobile Search Interactions

We recently discovered that all our hard word has paid off! This past summer, JP Carrascal (a PhD candidate from UPF, Barcelona) and I worked together on a study to understand more about if and how mobile search and mobile app usage interacts. And a full CHI paper reporting our findings has been accepted for publication at CHI 2015 in Korea!

The motivation behind this work is that smartphone users spend much of their time transitioning between mobile search engines and mobile apps (and vice versa) when trying to find information. The figure below helps highlight this fact. The figure shows the timeline of mobile device interactions for a 1 hour period of a single day for an actual participant in our study, showing sequences of mobile device interactions in the form of mobile app launches, home screen interactions and mobile searches. Read More

Epic Mobile HCI 2014 Interactive Tutorials

On September 23rd in Toronto Andres Lucero and I chaired the Interactive Tutorials track at Mobile HCI 2014. Our goal was to make this years tutorial series interactive and engaging. We had 2 tracks and 4 half day tutorials namely:

(1) Invited tutorial on Mobile-based Tangible Interaction Design for Shared Displays by Ali Mazalek and Ahmed Sabbir Arif from Ryerson University Read More