Paris here we come!

Today we heard great news! Two accepted work-in-progress papers at CHI 2013 which is going to take place in beautiful Paris, France in May.

The first paper entitled, “Insights into Co-located Shared Mobile Search” is work exploring the design and evaluation of a social mobile search application designed for use among groups of friends. The application enabled users to share Web content and search results of interest with others in co-located settings. The application was motivated by the fact that mobile search is often a social act, used among groups of friends to satisfy shared needs of information, normally related to trivia. This work was done in collaboration with Sofia Reis a PhD student from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The second paper is entitled, “The Sound of Light: Induced Synesthesia for Augmenting the Photography Experience” is the baby of Jose San Pedro, a colleague of mine in Telefonica Research. The paper describes a novel approach to assist users of digital cameras and augment their photograph taking experience. The application uses synesthetic feedback in the form of a musical composition that maps aspects resulting from the realtime analysis of images. The musical composition is composed and played back to the photographer to give feedback on the quality of the photograph. A preliminary study shows that musical attributes can be controlled to provide effective feedback about the visual modality.