searching 4 fun workshop!

Today, Sofia and I attended the searching 4 fun workshop to present our work on casual, shared, social mobile search experiences. The aim of the workshop was to investigate the situations in which users access online content, not just to find information, but to pass time, enjoy themselves and simply relax.

Given that recent shifts in the mobile space have shown that (1) mobile users now access the Web in stationary settings like home and work (70%), (2) they are often motivated by curiosity and the desire to alleviate boredom and (3) mobile search is often a social act conducted in the presence of other people (65%), we thought it was about time we re-think the mobile search space to support more social, shared online experiences for mobile users. Our workshop paper aims to present some of the motivations behind this rethinking as well as some initial designs of a paper-prototype that we think could enrich this type of behavior. The paper can be found in the publications section of this site or here

What was really interesting about the workshop was that 3 of the accepted paper focused on mobile search! So I was delighted to see so much activity in the research community around this topic! Overall great set of papers, nice brainstorming/group sessions and a ‘fun’ workshop!