St. Andrews University Visit

Today I had the opportunity to visit the stunning St. Andrews University in Scotland (famous among other things for being the place that Prince William and Kate met!!).

Professor Aaron Quigley, who is the Chair of Human Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science invited me to come and present at one of their research seminars. The HCI group works on lots of interesting topics, e.g. information visualization, interactive displays, multimodal displays, novel interactions for tabletops, etc.

For those who haven’t visited the university I would highly recommend it. It’s steeped in history and beautiful buildings. I kind of felt like I was in part of a Harry Potter movie all day!

I presented recent work on understanding the information needs of mobile users.  I also had a chance to talk with a number of lecturers and students throughout the day and even managed to visit their undergraduate lab where 4th years are busy with final year projects. I got to see some cool 4th year project demos related to twitter visualizations which were very impressive!

Overall a really enjoyable visit. Great feedback and questions. And I have to admit it was nice to re-visit the academic world for a day!!